Adulting is hard. When you just can’t deal any more, pick one of these recipes to take you back to the good ole days when your only job was having fun and making sure you came in when the street lamps turned on.

Grilled PB & J with Brie Cheese – recipe

Remember the feeling when you’d open your lunch box to find the perfectly cut PB & J sandwich? Magnify that feeling X 10 by making this recipe that adds a cheesy twist to your favorite sandwich!

Garlic, Bacon and Beer Mac & Cheese – recipe

When the blue box mac & cheese just isn’t adult enough for you, throw together this recipe, because really, what’s better than cheese, bacon, and beer? (Nothing!)

Pretzel S’Mores Bites – recipe

Enjoy this campfire dessert without actually having to sit infant of a campfire in the middle of the woods à la your Boy Scouts days. These bites are a great finger food to take to your next party!

French Onion Hot Dogs – recipe

Take me out to the ball game! This recipe will remind you of sitting in the stadiums with dad while you watch the players crack the ball across the field.


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