Have some fire flaming inside of you? Is your face as red as a red chili pepper? Check out these hot and spicy recipes that represent the fire you’re feeling!

Nashville Hot Chicken Wings – recipe

Hot wings are the classic fiery food, and this recipe will surely have your mouth on fire!

Jalapeño Popper Cheesy Garlic Bread – recipe

Cheesy bread is always a good idea. Adding jalapeños to the mix? Well, that’s an even better idea!

Spicy Pepper Jack Mac & Cheese – recipe

Mac & cheese is one of those foods that can support many moods. However, this one definitely has a fiery kick due to the use of pepper jack, cayenne, Tabasco, and jalapeños!

Kung Pao Chicken – recipe

A classically spicy meal, this Kung Pao Chicken will give your tastebuds a “pow!”  thanks to the sichaun pepper!

Habanero Brownies – recipe

Don’t let the innocent look of this brownie fool you. One bite into one of these chocolatey hot squares will have you dreaming of gulping down a large glass of milk!



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